6/100 pictures of Chris Colfer


6/100 pictures of Chris Colfer


”And this is Amortentia ,the most powerful love potion in the world. It’s rumored to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them. “





I’m the why am I awake most of the time, other times I am the last one, lol.

i am a mixture of “sleep didn’t happen”, “the afternooner” (because sleep didn’t happen in the night), and “the grumpus” haha

hey :3 i just wanted to say you accidentaly tagged chris colfer instead of chris evans :)

Oh shit!

Thanks for telling me! :) 

Okay, it’s fixed now :)


Anonymous prompted: Klaine in a partner yoga class and the class getting distracted because Kurt and Blaine are really attractive and all the moves look very sexual. (I changed the prompt just a little)

It’s somewhere between transitioning from cobra to downward facing dog that Kurt realizes the couple’s yoga class has taken an unexpected turn. Blaine is behind him, helping Kurt keep his hips steady while he stretches with palms flat and legs straight, bent over and facing the mat.

He breathes in, out, in- And then Blaine presses his hips to Kurt’s ass where it’s sticking up in the air, just briefly, just long enough for Kurt to feel the soft pulse of interest there. Kurt turns his head awkwardly, red faced and seeing stars from being upside down, looks at Blaine from beneath his arm.

Blaine smirks, lifts his eyebrows, and does it again. Kurt huffs, and the instructor calls out for sun salutation, so they start the synchronized movements, Blaine behind him, with long, deep breaths tickling over Kurt’s bare shoulders. When Kurt chances a glance at him, he’s still smirking. Kurt purses his lips and arches an eyebrow to say without saying, It’s like that is it?

The smug look he gets in response is, yes. Yes it is.

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Darren & Chris on the Glee s5 cover (Netherlands edition) *

Darren & Chris on the Glee s5 cover (Netherlands edition) *

Fic Rec: Ridiculous


Author:  Sandman Sam

Rating: T                                 Pairings:  Klaine

Author’s Summary:  "Guys, this is really ridiculous." Blaine said. "You’re twenty five and getting married to a woman you’ve known less than a year." Wes said. "Ridiculous is something you need right now." Engaged!Blaine ExoticDancer!Kurt. Is it too late to choose love?

Categories:  AU, stripper!Kurt, closeted!Blaine

Chapters:  1                                        Word Count:  6K+

Status:  One shot

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Chris Evans | Marvel Studios panel SDCC 2014


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Greenwich Mean Time

Chris/Darren, PG. 

For the anon that wanted secret London trips and the anon that wanted sleepy cuddles. Two for one, hope you don’t mind. :) 

Their internal clocks are twisted and turned every different direction and neither of them care. They muddle through mornings sleepy and content in their sprawling hotel bed, rutting together and kissing and sometimes getting so comfortable they forget what the point of it was and just fall asleep together again. They wake and shower in a stumbling series of movements that somehow miraculously end with them both being clean and they order a different more food than they could possibly eat from room service. 

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klaine challenge: domestic!klaine


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